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Our teacher, Sifu Chen, Yong Fa, is the 5th generation direct descendant of Chan, Heung - the founder of Choy Lee Fut kung fu - and is considered to be the present day Jerng mun yun (Keeper of the style).

Choy Lee Fut is one of the few original kung fu styles left today that has its own Jerng mun yun. The Jerng mun yun is the actual heir to the family tradition, and as such is entrusted with communicating the style and for keeping it alive through subsequent heirs. The Jerng mun yun is given the whole style with nothing held back from his father, the last Jerng mun yun.

Sifu Chen Yong Fa teaching the gwun in Poland

Family Tree Our founder - Chan, Heung taught his son Koon Pak, and he in turn taught his son Yiu Chi, who taught his son Wan Hon, who is the father of our Sifu - Chen, Yong Fa.

Sifu Chen, Yong Fa was born in China in 1951 and began his training at the age of four under the guidance of of his grandfather - Chan, Yiu Chi. Following Chan, Yiu Chi's death he continued his training under his father, Chan, Wan Hon until he died in 1979. It is now our Sifu's turn to carry on his family's tradition of propagating the art of Choy Lee Fut.

As part of learning the entire Choy Lee Fut martial arts system, Sifu Chen has also inherited of the original scrolls written by his ancestors that document the history and evolution of Choy Lee Fut, as well as describing in detail all the forms and their techniques.

Apart from being an accomplished martial artist, he is also a qualified practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, graduating from the Kwangtung College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He currently practices inside the Sydney school whilst also teaching his select group of disciples kung fu, qigong, and traditional Chinese medicine.

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